Fall From Grace Jewelry

Handmade Jewelry for the Free Spirit

Fall From Grace Jewelry.
100% Handmade. Every Time.

It Started as an Obsession

When I found myself unemployed after giving birth to my son (a blessing in disguise) , I was in search of a creative outlet and something to "get me out of the house".  I stumbled across a local metalsmithing studio and decided to take clasess on a whim.  What turned into my weekly escape quickly became my full time obsession.  When I wasn't in the studio, I was sketching new designs and taking my son on field trips to our local rock shop.  My obsession with metalsmithing and jewelry making naturally took shape into the beginnings of Fall From Grace Jewelry, and now here we are today!

Now, Fall From Grace Jewelry can be found in shops throughout the Chicagoland area, at art fairs and street fests, and online at www.fallfromgracejewelry.com.

100% Handmade

I use many different techniques in the construction of my jewelry, but one thing stays the same regardless of technique:  everything is handmade from start to finish!  From sawing to soldering, etching to enameling, every piece has a personal touch.  Each stone is set by hand and piece polished to perfection.

Spring/Summer '16 Collection- Women In Rock

The Spring/Summer '16 Collection draws inspiration from edgy, courageous Women in Rock- whether artists or those of rock lore.  All of the pieces consist of simple, geometric shapes, and feature intricate geometric patterns and details, representative of the bold nature of women who push the boundaries in music.   

A Fall From Grace can sometimes land you exactly where you are supposed to be.
— Anonymous